Drama Box’s first camp where youths aged 14 to 20 gather, connect and play. Curious about how creativity can open up new insights into yourself, your peers, and the world we share? 

Founded in 1990, Drama Box is a socially-engaged theatre company known for creating works that inspire dialogue, reflection and change. By shining a spotlight on marginalised narratives and making space for the communal contemplation of complex issues, it seeks to tell stories that provoke a deeper understanding of Singapore’s culture, history and identity.

Han Xuemei

Han Xuemei is a theatre practitioner based in Singapore. She believes in socially engaged practice, and imagines the arts as an integral ingredient for beauty and hope in society.

P/C: So Drama! Entertainment

Jalyn Han

Jalyn started as a performing artist in 1979 with the SAF Music & Drama Company, and is a veteran theatre practitioner with extensive knowledge and experience in the performing arts and theatre education in Singapore.

Koh Hui Ling

Koh Hui Ling is a theatre practitioner who finds meaning in the process of community engagement and the participation of non-artists in the art-making, evident in her works such as the IgnorLAND series and Chinatown Crossings.


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