✨FAQs: Everything you need to know about Camp-O ✨

Who is Camp-O for?
Anybody between the ages of 14 to 20 years. No background in the arts is necessary! All that’s needed is a sense of curiosity and open-ness to learning more about different creative disciplines, and exploring expression using these disciplines while building a community of peers. 

When and where is Camp-O happening? 
The camp will take place from 27 Nov – 1 Dec 2023, at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (80 Bencoolen Street). 

This is not a stay-in camp. Participants will report at 9:30am each day, and finish at 6pm, except on the last day, where they will finish at 8:30pm instead. 

What will participants do during the camp? 
Participants will take part in drama, sound and movement explorations led by arts practitioners, including filmmaker and dance choreographer Chen Jiexiao, dancer Norhaizad Adam of P7:1SMA, singer Leslie Tay, sound artist Lynette Quek and veteran actors Jalyn Han and Julius Foo. 

Besides the above-mentioned instructors, emerging theatre practitioners will also play the role of facilitators to support the workshop instruction, and to provide mentorship and guidance for the participants. 

Each day, participants will get to learn and experience different aspects of drama, sound and movement. They will also get to work in groups where they explore and co-create. The camp culminates with a presentation of the participants’ works on the last day. 

What can participants learn from the camp? 
While we are introducing different creative disciplines to participants, mastering these skills is not the goal of Camp-O. Rather, drama, sound and movement are meant to be tools for expression, giving participants a new language to connect with one another. 

Through these in-person explorations, we hope to get youths off their screens, and hone their socio-emotional skills. 

Throughout the camp, activities and interactions will be designed to encourage healthy relationship-building in the following areas:

  1. Relationship with Self: Recognising and expressing emotions
  2. Relationship with Others: Managing interpersonal and group dynamics in a collaborative setting 
  3. Relationship with Environment: Paying attention to their connection with the natural and built environment around them

How much does it cost to join Camp-O?
For this first edition, we are offering a special one-time kick off rate of $100 per person (standard price $450). Lunch for all 5 days is included, and on the last day of the camp, dinner is also included. 

No matter where they live, which school they go to and what language they speak at home, we believe youths from all walks of life can benefit from Camp-O, and enabling youths from diverse backgrounds to be able to share this experience is essential to our ethos. If anyone needs financial assistance to sign up for the camp, please write to us at camp-o@dramabox.org

How to register for Camp-O? 
Those who are interested can fill up this form. Hurry though, registration will close on 5 Nov.

What does the name Camp-O mean? 
Camp-O is inspired by the comprehensive diversity implied by the word “omni”, and the fresh slate and boundless possibilities of the number 0. 

What experience does Drama Box have working with youths?
In 2004, we set up an education arm NeNeMas, working with youths, educators and social service groups to explore social issues using theatre techniques. In 2007 ARTivate – the youth wing of Drama Box was formed. Since then, we have completed 3 cycles of ARTivate training, resulting in a new generation of theatre practitioners that are adept in socially-engaged practices. 

In 2015, as part of SCENES: Forum Theatre, we curated a segment titled The Young Can Change the World to encourage critical thinking and constructive dialogue among the youths about social issues through the use of Forum Theatre. 

Every year without fail we have also been creating performances for youth audiences touching on delicate issues such as bullying and mental wellness, providing a safe space for reflection and discussion. 

Need more time to think this through? 
Join our Telegram channel for deets and updates!  https://t.me/Camp_O_bydramabox

Any other questions? 
If there’s something else you’d like to know about Camp-O, please write to us at camp-o@dramabox.org