Drama Box

A homegrown theatre company pioneering modes of engagement and co-creation with different communities since 1990

Since its formation, Drama Box has tended towards giving voice to marginalised narratives and telling stories that resonate with Singaporeans. At the helm of founding artist and Cultural Medallion recipient Kok Heng Leun (artistic director from 1990-2022) Drama Box came to be known for its ability to engage different segments of society, whether in the theatre or in the community.

Today, under the artistic leadership of Koh Hui Ling and Han Xuemei, recipients of the Young Artist Award 2013 and 2021 respectively, Drama Box continues to harness the power of the arts to foster dialogue, empathy and change.

About Drama Box

Drama Box also regularly creates programmes for the youths, stemming from the belief that the arts can seed habits of critical thinking during this formative age, and that the arts provide a safe space for young people to delve into complex issues such as mental wellness and bullying.

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